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Playing the Heartbeat of a City: New Orleans Brass Band Music, Culture, and Lifestyle

Hear from members of the New Orleans brass band community about what it’s like to lead a New Orleans second line, what it means to grow up with the brass band tradition, and how they push it to the next level and into the next generations. We’ll get into the make-up of the music itself - how do bands play without stopping and without a setlist? - the meaning of that music and second-lining culture for New Orleanians, and what it’s like to come up in the most musically rich city in the world. Have a question for the panel? You are welcome to submit questions ahead of time (to bailinseth@gmail.com) or in real time in the webinar Q&A.


  • Brandin Kelly
  • Thomas Watson
  • Daimon Thomas
  • Thaddeaus Ramsey
  • Roy Lancaster
  • Big Chief Tugga
  • Ed Buckner
  • Blake McCarter
Seth Bailin
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EDT (-4 GMT)
EDT (-4 GMT)
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