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HONK! in Brazil: Community and Activism

The HONK movement has exploded in Brasil in recent years and South America’s largest country now hosts multiple HONK festivals with new bands emerging all the time. The country has also experienced political unrest and is currently ruled by a repressive right wing regime that is more interested in burning the Amazon rainforest than fighting COVID. Find out what HONK means to Brasil and how the brass band scene has responded to the political situation.


  • Rocio Romero (Unidos do Swing, HONK! Sao Paolo)
  • Eve Portilho (Calango Careta, Malu Vidas, and HONK! Brasilia)
  • Juliano Pires (Os Siderais, Honk Rio, Labirintos Públicos, Blonk (Bloco do Honk), Bloco das Tubas)
  • Amanda de Andrade Carvalho Campo (HONK! Porto Alegre)
Phil Andrews
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