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HONK!, the Book: History, Documentation, and Critical Reflection

In early 2020, HONK! A Street Band Renaissance of Music and Activism was written by 21 collaborating authors from across the globe, all with a connection to the HONK! Community. This panel is envisioned as a participatory webinar with a number of these contributors opining and reflecting on issues of history, inclusion, organization, pedagogy, festival politics, activism, and protest, with ample time built in for audience questions, comments, and interaction. Learn more about the book at honkrenaissance.net and get your copy HERE! (Use 20% discount code F076 at checkout)


  • Gregg Moore (Contributor)
  • Sarah Politz (Contributor)
  • iris arieli (Contributor)
  • John Bell (Contributor)
  • Meghan E Kallman (Contributor)
  • Michael Antares (Contributor)
  • Jenniferia (Contributor)
  • Kevin Leppmann (Contributor)
  • rosza daniel lang/levitsky (Contributor)
  • Becky Liebman (Contributor)
Reebee Garofalo (Editor), Erin Allen (Editor), Andrew Snyder (Editor)
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EDT (-4 GMT)
EDT (-4 GMT)
Full workshop schedule can be found 
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